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Natural, outdoor-grown, delicious bananas

Pure Organic

Our bananas are grown in local communities that use first-rate ecological techniques.
Best agricultural practices to foster sustainable livelihoods for African farmers.

Fast Delivery

We make sure you receive your bananas as soon as we harvest them.
Direct shipping to any address in Europe.

Quality Assurance

We make sure that there are no damaged or ripe fruits included.
Each package has a unique tracking QR code.

AA Banana

100 µ₿

  1. Small & Sweet
  2. Baby Nutrition
  3. Dessert
  4. Quantity: 5 KG
AAA Banana

500 µ₿

  1. Tasty & Unripe
  2. Regular size
  3. Energy-dense fruit
  4. Quantity: 5 KG
AAB Banana

1 m₿

  1. For Cooking
  2. True Plantain
  3. BBQ and Grilled recipes
  4. Quantity: 5 KG